Palm Beach Interior Designer Jacki MallickIDS_LogoJacki Mallick, principal of Jacki Mallick Designs, LLC is a distinguished Palm Beach interior designer and cutting edge tastemaker, noted for her passion for fine craftsmanship, innovative design techniques, and best known for her take on affordable luxury lifestyles. The Palm Beach Daily News, “Home and Loggia” section recently quoted her design philosophy “renew, recycle, rethink.” Jacki listens to her client’s needs from their lifestyle, budget, carbon footprint, to reinventing their grandmother’s collection of furniture and its relevance to the way they live today.

Working closely with her clients in all aspects of design, furniture selection, and finished detail, Jacki strives to find the best sources of quality materials and workmanship. She has the talent to juxtapose many genres of design eras. From Mid Century Modern to Hollywood Regency or nature-inspired Beach, your home can be any vision you dream.

Jacki Mallick’s childhood was in many ways a design tutorial; her mother was the 1960s and 1970s Kelly Wearstler, hosting parties, decorating their many homes, many a hour at estate sales and antique auctions. Jacki has been inspired by her world travels, particularly having lived in the Middle East. Jacki spent a decade working in upper management for the French luxury goods, family-owned Christofile Silver, Inc. There she refined her passion for fine craftsmanship and the smallest of details needed to execute a finished product. While at Christofile she had the opportunity to work with the likes of the famous event planner Colin Cowie as well as the French couture designer Christian LaCroix to name a few.

Formally trained in interior design and an alumni of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Jacki is also an Accredited Staging Professional™ (ASP™). She also keeps current on all levels of green design.

Jacki Mallick realizes that today’s consumer is more discerning, more informed and more connected. The customer experience in this new reality requires a new kind of brilliance and creativity in execution.